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I say this with certainty because, to be in a reality where you are reading these words even if you are rejecting them as nonsense , it means you are fully engaged in the process. This means you have already begun leaving the mass, fear-based state of mind behind. You have been on this journey for many lifetimes, so to walk away now would be like a marathon runner jogging off down a side street when in sight of the finish line.

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There is no mental understanding that allows you to sidestep the path of walking through your fear and its expression as judgment. Only completing the journey you freely undertook, or making the choice to stop being human, will end the journey. And that choice is one that can only be made at the wider level of reality, in non-physical form, where you are free of the fear that drives our desire to escape. Facing your fears does not mean there is some great effort for you to go through.

Awakening is about letting go of the illusion of effort. Through understanding reality from a wider, more inclusive level, you will find your fear and judgments easier to identify and resolve than ever before. This is because when you consciously walk towards awakening, as a part of transitioning to meet what it is, all the emotional baggage and wounding for which you thought required hard work to release, will — through ever more synchronous experiences — start to naturally resolve.

As you step through the doorway, you experience yourself awakening, not out of your human physical form, but as awakening out of your fear. You have not been within an experience of fear and judgment against your will, let alone as the result of a mistake or some form of punishment. You have been within an experience of fear and judgement because you have wanted to experience them as a part of the human experience. At the moment you awaken out of your fear, you will have the startling realization that you were in fear and self-judgment for precisely as long as you wanted to be.

Fear and judgement are tools with which we shape our experience of reality.

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This realization of creatorship is hidden behind our fears. Our self-judgments tell us we are not grand enough to be the creator of our reality. To step out of fear is to realize reality is not a test that is only passed by the best.

Being human is a journey that will be successfully completed by any being that walks for long enough within human form. My name is Story Waters and I release regular inspirational articles through The Gnostic Writer on medium with more in-depth spiritual-philosophy and metaphysical books available through StoryWaters. Sign in. Get started. The Gnostic Writer.

My ego and mind are just screaming out that it is all very, very, unfair. They are so loud, that the spiritual world that I used to feel so easily, now seems less available and accessible to me — just at a time when I would think I need it most! I was never depressed before, but I now know how that feels. Besides, I am now trying to cope with three auto-immune illnesses… If this is all meant to make me realize that all the love I need is in my heart and that there is plenty enough to share to heal others….

It gives me hope and its good to know that there are many other people going through similar experiences. Strange question, but I had a strange occurrence whereby my housing complex and even my home decor was different one day after returning home from work. I felt very strange that day too, like I was having an out of body experience while fully awake at work! I then had what felt like a panic attack. Was admitted to hospital,?

Stroke, but MRI was normal. Neurologist says it was migraine-related. For a very serious moment it felt like I traveled in time. I have yet to ask my higher self under hypnosis. But for now, maybe you could shed some light on this.

With much love, Kerry. Expect to get weekly inspiration, videos, and subscriber-only content and deals. Get my weekly content delivered straight to your inbox. Just 1 email a week with actionable advice to help you solve your biggest challenges and live a joyful life. Christina Lopes 18 Comments.

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It just seemed so unfair! If you enjoyed this post, please share it on social media with your friends! With deep love and gratitude;. Rene April 11, at am. Leslie Cason — Team Lopes April 11, at pm. Thank you for sharing with us. Sharon campbell April 11, at am. Karen Van orden April 11, at pm. Good video that explained alot. Apparently mine has going on longer than i knew what it was. Bonnie Christman April 11, at pm. Leslie Cason — Team Lopes April 12, at pm.

Therese Dugan Phillips April 12, at am. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Lydia April 24, at pm.

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Marja May 5, at pm. Lidia May 13, at pm. Thank you Christina!!! I needed to hear that. Loving energy your way. Leslie Cason — Team Lopes May 16, at pm. Thanks for your question! Kerry-Leigh Dennis August 29, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. We need to approach this change holding the belief that we are prepared for it, after all we chose to be alive in these times.

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Quantum theory has proven thought matters, so if we believe we are prepared we will find ourselves able to handle what comes our way. If we believe we are sinking neck deep in shit, guess what? We are sinking neck deep in shit. We are here to be present in changing times. How we approach it makes a huge difference. First of all, no two experiences are the same.