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Bibliomania Over 2, classic texts in electronic form. The Camelot Project Arthurian texts, images, and bibliographies. Provided by the University of Rochester in collaboration with several other universities. Eserver Poetry Collection A variety of classical and contemporary verse in electronic form.

Feedbooks "On Feedbooks you'll discover thousands of public domain books and original books from new authors that you can read on any mobile device. The Online Books Page Listing over 30, etexts on the web. Hosted with the University of Pennsylvania. Also contains a list of Banned Books Online. Project Gutenberg Search or browse by author name or title. One of the most popular and oldest sources of electronic texts on the web.

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  4. New e-texts are added regularly. The Project also provides information on the history of this important but long neglected medium, along with biographies of pulp authors, artists, and their publishers. An abstract, citation, playing time, and word count are given for each of the passages. Many of the passages also have a related reading strategy identified.

    Each reading passage can also be downloaded as a PDF and printed for use as a read-along or as supplemental reading material for your classroom. LibriVox: Literary Fiction Classic stories and literary novels narrated by volunteer readers. Project Gutenberg: Audiobooks "Human-read. See also their "Computer-Generated" audiobooks.

    Works of Great Literature Audio recordings of literary works being read by various readers. From GreatestAudioBooks. See also their William Shakespeare and their other playlists.

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    Provided by the Voice of the Shuttle website. Harvard Classics Search or browse the context of this multi-volume text at Bartleby. History of English Literature Literary movements and more. Shakespearean Literature Explore the life and writings of the Bard. Wikipedia: English Literature Definition and related web links. Types of Essays A brief guide to various types of essays, including persuasive, descriptive, and narrative essays. Provided by About. Wikipedia: Essay Definition and related web links. See also this list of essayists.

    English Literature: History and Criticism Electronic texts relating to various times and aspects of literature through history.

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    Directory provided by The Online Books Page. Arranged by year reverse chronological order. Note Wikipedia's disclaimer. Literary Movements Definitions of a number of literary movements. See also the timeline at this website. Jane Austen Lives On! From Skokie Public Library. Through digital reunification, it is now possible to access, read, and compare high quality images of original manuscripts whose material forms are scattered around the world in libraries and private collections. Unlike the famous printed novels, all published in a short span between and , these manuscripts trace Jane Austen's development as a writer from childhood to the year of her death; that is, from aged 11 or 12 to aged Not only do they provide a unique visual record of her imagination from her teenage experiments to her last unfinished writings, these pages represent one of the earliest collections of creative writings in the author's hand to survive for a British novelist.

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    Wikipedia: Jane Austen Biography, writings, and related web links. Paris Review News and events, interviews, select articles and full text poems, as well as electronic audio feeds from various authors. Literary Terms. Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms A clickable list of literary terminology. Provided by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University.

    Modern Greek Literature: Critical Essays (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities)

    Poetry Words Worth Learning An easy, one-page glossary of poetry terms. PDF format. Booklovers Blog Monthly titles, literary news, and more. Blog by Middletown Thrall Library. Based on the Book A "compilation of over 1, books, novels, short stories, and plays that have been made into motion pictures. The Nineteenth Century English Novel Educational resource initially developed as part of a college curriculum. Also contains information on Austen and other notable writers from this period.

    Provided by Infoplease. Wikipedia: Novels Definition and related web links. See also: Poetry - Audio. Quotations Famous Literary Quotes. The Columbia World of Quotations Search or browse 65, quotations. Over 5, authors are included. Provided by Bartleby. Handy for locating quotes in major classic texts. One Hundred Best First Lines of Novels Provides quote, author, title of work quoted, and the year the novel was published. See also: Ready Reference: Quotations. Available at Thrall and to Thrall members at home.

    Shakespeare for Students In the Literature for Students database. Folger Shakespeare Library Described as "the world's largest and finest collection of Shakespeare materials and to major collections of other rare Renaissance books, manuscripts, and works of art. Google has scanned from libraries.

    In Search of Shakespeare "While much is known about the works of William Shakespeare, information about the man behind the words can be hard to find. Separating fact from rumor can be even harder. Shakespeare Central - The Works of William Shakespeare "Understand Shakespeare's plays and poetry with free CliffsNotes summaries, character analyses, glossaries, quotes, essays, filmography, and more.

    Read Shakespeare's biography; explore themes, symbols, and motifs. Shakespeare and the Internet Biography of Shakespeare, study guides, criticism, reviews, a blog, and more.

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    Archived website. No Fear Shakespeare "No Fear Shakespeare puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English - the kind of English people actually speak today. Also available: a concordance, character lists and searches, and more. Phrases from William Shakespeare Includes phrase and quoted text from the plays.

    From Phrase Finder. From the Academy of American Poets. Shakespeare Authorship Coalition "The Shakespeare Authorship Coalition runs this website so anyone who cares about Shakespeare, as we do, can easily see why his identity has long been in doubt, and sign a definitive declaration addressing the issue - the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt About the Identity of William Shakespeare, located on this site. New York natives and visitors alike have been enjoying free Shakespeare in Central Park since performances began in This special from PBS looks into questions regarding Shakespeare's authorship - whether he actually existed or someone else wrote his plays.

    Shakespeare Resource Center Topics include: Shakespeare's biography, language, life, will, as well as the debate concerning the authorship who wrote Shakespeare's plays.