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I loved our dog. I thought he was perfect, but that day my son had a different idea. My second story centers around Great-Uncle Grover, who lived in a house out in the country, far from the city. Uncle Grover was getting very old. We thought our sons should meet him before he died. So, one afternoon, we took a long drive to his humble house. We sat together to visit and introduce him to our sons. Not long into the conversation, our two young boys, maybe five and six years old, wanted to go outside and play.

Uncle Grover, hearing their request, bent over with his face in theirs. His face was so weathered and unfamiliar that the boys were a little scared of him. The boys soon went outside to play as we continued to visit. These stories about innocent children discovering something about life and reality may make each of us smile, but they also illustrate a more profound concept. In the first story, our young son had a beautiful dog as a pet; notwithstanding, he grabbed a gallon of paint and, with paintbrush in hand, determined to create his own imagined reality.

In the second account, the boys were blissfully unaware of the unsavory threat they faced from a skunk. Unable to properly identify what they had actually encountered, they ran the risk of suffering some unfortunate consequences. In each case, the consequences were minor. However, many today grapple with these same issues on a much larger scale. They are either unable to see things as they truly are or are unsatisfied with truth. Moreover, there are forces at play today designed to deliberately lead us away from absolute truth.

These deceptions and lies go far beyond innocent mistaken identity and often have dire, not minor, consequences. Satan, the father of lies and the great deceiver, would have us question things as they really are and either ignore eternal truths or replace them with something that appears more pleasing. He has made a reputation for himself convincing mortals that skunks are just kittens or that, with an application of paint, you can turn a Labrador into a Dalmatian!

To summarize, in this marvelous vision, Moses beheld God, and he also learned something important about himself: he was indeed a son of God. Listen carefully to what happened as this wondrous vision closed. For behold, I am a son of God, in the similitude of his Only Begotten; and where is thy glory, that I should worship thee? I was created in the image of God. So why should I worship you or fall prey to your deception?

Now pay attention to how Moses further responds. I invite you to respond the same way when you feel influenced by temptation.

What Happens to Our Pets When They Die?

You have no glory. Do not tempt or lie to me! For I know I am a child of God. And I will always call upon my God for His help. The adversary, however, does not easily abandon his destructive motives to deceive and demean us. He certainly did not do so with Moses, instead desiring to cause Moses to forget who he was eternally. Did you hear what he just said? Worship me! Moses then called upon God and received His divine strength.

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