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Moore is so elderly and Adela so plain looking. The ladies are disappointed and confused because the Bhattacharyas never sent their carriage this morning as promised.

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Aziz denounces the rudeness of the Hindu Bhattacharyas and invites the women to his own house. Aziz is ashamed of his shabby residence and distracts Adela with commentary on Indian architecture.

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Fielding knows that Aziz has some historical facts wrong, but Fielding does not correct Aziz as other Englishmen would have. Aziz asks Adela if she plans to settle in India, to which Adela spontaneously responds that she cannot.

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Adela then realizes that, in making this admission, she has essentially told strangers that she will not marry Ronny before she has even told Ronny so herself. Fielding then takes Mrs. Moore on a tour of the college grounds. Aziz attempts to describe the caves, but it becomes clear that Aziz has never seen them.

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Godbole has been to the caves, but he does not adequately describe why they are extraordinary; in fact, Aziz senses that Godbole is holding back information. Suddenly, Ronny arrives to take Adela and his mother to a polo match at the club. Ronny ignores the Indians.

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Fielding reappears, and Ronny privately scolds him for leaving Adela alone with Indians. A Passage to India by: E.

Passages to the Past

Morrison believed the black American experience was worthy of sustained aesthetic attention, and not just so that white people could learn valuable lessons about race. I wanted it to come from inside the culture, and speak to people inside the culture. It was about a refusal to pander or distort or gain political points.

I wanted to reveal and raise questions. She also spent more than a decade working as an editor at Random House, where she championed the work of black authors. It was there that she helped put in place the raw material for a black American literary canon. She published the autobiography of Muhammad Ali. But perhaps her greatest legacy as an editor was compiling and publishing The Black Book , a lavishly illustrated primary source collection that documents black American history.

And even when it first came out, it was deeply meaningful to those who picked it up — including an incarcerated man who wrote Morrison to thank her for putting it together. In her own writing, Morrison lavished the underdiscussed lives of black women with language. Her prose is lyrical almost as a default; it is rhythmic and vivid; it sings.

In her hands, to write lyrically feels like an act of both love and defiance. But in her most famous novel, Beloved , about an escaped enslaved woman who kills her baby daughter to prevent her from being taken by slave catchers, Morrison had to balance her tendency toward lyricism with the starkness of her subject matter.

To render enslavement as a personal experience, language must first get out of the way. In Beloved , the ghost of slavery is literal and inescapable. Sethe, the desperate mother based on the historical Margaret Garner , may no longer be enslaved as the novel opens, but she can never forget what slavery as an institution did to her as a person: that it made her kill her infant daughter, Beloved.

But it rapidly and inexorably becomes clear that forgetting is impossible. The opening paragraph of Beloved captures that dread and that beauty as well as anything else Morrison ever wrote:. The women in the house knew it and so did the children. For years each put up with the spite in his own way, but by Sethe and her daughter Denver were its only victims.